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Supporting is a completely independent fan-run message board focusing on, but in no way affiliated with, the Oklahoma Sooners and other teams representing both the university and the state. Unlike sponsored forums that charge for access to 'premium' content and posting privileges, LandThieves provides an open platform while promoting content posted by us, the fans, absolutely free.

Founded and administered by two passionate fans and moderated by a handful of dedicated volunteers, LandThieves continues to grow in both membership and time required to maintain the site. As 100% of all ad revenue is put back into quality hosting capable of supporting the high stress of football season and the extreme loads during gamedays, donations from members are greatly appreciated and allow us to continue improving the site.

In return for donations users are given the ability to set custom titles displayed below the username and a unique styling on all forum posts.

Note: Be sure to include your username in the comments of your donation.

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