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    Take a listen. Gimme your thoughts pls

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    Read Piper's classic book: Desiring God. I do think your position is more biblical and 87's
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    Which psychological books have you read by john piper. Wasnt aware he wrote such books
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    Thanks for asking. You may have missed it or forgot, but I made a post before the Oklahoma/Oklahoma St. and Notre Dame/Stanford games that if Stanford won, I wouldn't post until after the bowl season. It was my silly attempt to jinx Notre Dame to ensure Oklahoma got into the playoffs.

    It was all in good fun, but I'm keeping my word, but it has been more painful than what I thought it would be. lol I did make one post to address a Clemson fan since he made the statement that most of Perine's 134 rushing yards against Clemson in the bowl game last season came against Clemson's 3rd team. I had to correct him that Periine had 63 net rushing yards in the 1st half and a 22 yard run in the 3rd quarter, so that was at least 85 of those 134 rushing yards against Clemson's first team defense. I just couldn't let that false claim stand as Perine worked very hard for those yards when most of the rest of the team just quit and took a licking.

    Hope all is well and take care!

    - Clint
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    Go get your fucking shine box.
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    Glad toy are safe. lol buttock. I'm good. Safe & a full tummy, not much more you could want
  7. Thank you dear. I am safe. Had some roof damage and that was about it. Electricity was out. Oh, and a cut on my elbow and right buttock from getting in the cramped shelter thing. But no biggie. Thanks for checking on me. How are you?
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    Hope you are safe!!!
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