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    It's a fave. I love the twist.
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    What do you think of this article?
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    Did you agree?
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    Feminism isn't about all women working. It's about efforts for women to receive equal economic, personal, social, and even political rights for women, including equal equal opportunities in education and employment. Real feminists don't hate men - we partner with them. This blog, in my mind, does seem to illuminate the idea that working within the home and raising children is a position of power in the family and obedience to God. If that is what a woman chooses for her life, who am I or who is anyone to say it's wrong? It may not be my choice, but it's a perfectly legitimate choice in living your life - provided it was an actually choice. I want women to have a choice and to be able to take charge of their lives.
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    I read the blogpost. It's not surprising that a woman who is a stay at home wife and mother of five would write a blogpost about how God calls women to that goal. And i dont disagree. I stand by my previous statement... some women are meant to be their mates home based partner and have/raise a family. To say this is meant of all women invalidates women who are unable to bear children and/or who feel called outside the home. It's a very hard and noble job, to be a mother and homemaker/keeper. However, God calls us according to our individual talents, instilled by God. Does that then mean that women all over the world who can't have children have no purpose? Or does that mean that all women should be free to listen for and seek their calling, and fulfill a path God has set for them? I believe the latter. I think God individualizes his plans for us, and wants us to find out how to best lead our lives to glorify God and lead others as followers.
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    I will read this and get back to you. I can say, God didn't put me here to be a mother/raise a family, so without that as a devine plan for my life, I feel like I have followed well. God has plans to prosper and not harm us, and I think they are more individual than based on sex/gender.

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    If you like what you sent me, here's some stuff like that. This guys books are better, and he's by no means an authority on the subject as Yoder, Hauerwas and Williamson are but he's good. This guy, in 2004 got tired of people in his big church coming up to him and asking him to do some teachings that would address politics (this was during Bush's reelection). Instead, he did some teachings about the American and religion and about 40 percent of his church left. His message is basically that the church stands on it's own. And the more it grasps for political power, the father removed from the ideal it becomes. That the church becomes hurt and a pawn of the nation state.

    These are podcasts you can listen to if you like http://whchurch.org/sermons-media/se...-and-the-sword
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    That was good. I liked it. I would disagree on only one point and that is the idea that Jesus' Kingdom wasn't earthly. I think this is a Christian misnomer. Jesus plea in the "lord's prayer" was 'your will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven". The kingdom of God is not a place. It's a metaphor that the authors use to describe "God's reign/rule". So, wherever God's reign is present, is the Kingdom of God. When Jesus says that "my kingdom is not of this world" he is not talking about the metaphysical aspect of the Kingdom. he's talking about values. Christ's kingdom is not of this world's value system, it is opposed to the world's value system, much like the scripture, "be in the world but not OF the world". That author isn't saying there, "don't be physical or earthly (as if that was possible) but rather let the values of the kingdom direct your life, not the values of the world.
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    will do
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