***Official 2016/17 Oklahoma City Thunder Regular Season Thread***

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    Originally Posted by SoonerVikeThunder View Post
    This why we need Adams back he is great at getting under the skin of his opponents.

    Anyone who watched last night saw GS go all out to win. I mean it was obvious they gameplanned just like they did vs us in early Nov. Cavs had a bland offense/defense and I think ised it as a way to learn plays and have some on tape for later. Wondering if GS goes all out again Wed? Last time they show cased KD vs us, even had him playing semi late in 4th qtr in a blowout. They cannot let OKC win on their homecourt after KD left here.

    So I expect GS to go all out and throttle us pretty good whoch is no biggie. Wish Billy would let Russ have a rest game.

    Mark my words KD will be out when they play at OKC next month.
    Maybe Westbrook will kick him and Green in the nuts.

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    Originally Posted by SoonerVikeThunder View Post
    Wow we musta ****ed him up pretty good last night:

    Sam Amick
    Sam Amick – Verified account [email protected]_amick

    Clippers announce Chris Paul is out six to eight weeks: torn ligament left thumb, surgery tomorrow.
    4:13 PM - 17 Jan 2017
    He was pissed when it happened on a Sabonis screen for Russ.

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    Originally Posted by OUEverest View Post
    Is this like the time you said "mark my words KD will resign with OKC and be the savior of the thunder" followed by "Russ was always the one we wanted anyways"?
    Guilty on KD staying
    Guilty on Russ and stand by it, Russ is the better player over Cupcake


    Sumtymes u git it wright. And others not lol

    If I get this one right I'm up to 66.67%!

    Love your avatar

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