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    Originally Posted by theend View Post
    I think he shot 46 percent the first half of the season. That's excellent. But I doubt it led the country.

    And if you are going to play this game, you have to look at the last half when we played better competition. The the second half of the season he shot 15 percent.

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    and that had nothing to do with the competition....
    the problem was in his head........he was snakebit last year...and it affected every aspect of his game......and it appears that has been fixed ....

    and you're right....james actually led the big 12 in 3pt shooting.....but he was top 5 in the nation...

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    Not this stupid azz argument again...

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    so apparently doolittle is in the doghouse for some reason......and manek is the current starter at the 4.....with a good chance he'll hold onto it...
    i thought doolittle played very well in nz/australia....but wondered why his minutes were the lowest....
    i will love to see manek as the starter...i think he's a great player with a broad range of skills.....his game is alot more diverse than doolittle's....

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