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    NCAA might finally be looking into CFB's largest analyst "sweatshop"

    We all know Saban likes to bend the rules wherever possible. Hopefully we start to get some more visibility and regulation on this: http://www.cbssports.com/college-foo...ootball-staff/

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    You can change the rule, Alabama will not change the way they do things.
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    A donor will start a side "scouting service" and Bama will pay them a monthly consulting fee.
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    Poor Gumby!!!

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    Anything that benefits blue-bloods should be something OU fights for and makes use of. We could take a few dozen football-savvy undergrads and basically pay them in access to the program, something that's worth a lot more here than at 11 of the 12 schools we face any given season. If the NCAA ever complains, we'll stop. They can't do anything retroactively because they aren't touching Bammer's trophies.
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    Sounds like some schools (here's looking at you Okie State) shouldn't be poor...

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    One of the problems I have is there doesn't seem to be any way to make sure that these "analysts" aren't coming into contact with players.

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