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    Fuck Texas Number 2 player in the country picks the Texass Longhorns.



    It's hard to rank the exact order of these, but I definitely took into consideration the overall school environment, the college town atmosphere, how easy it would be for my family to visit (five different airlines have a direct flight from NYC), my idol Kevin Durant’s deep involvement with the Center for Sports Leadership & Innovation at the school, and my own gut feeling.

    Oh, and the weather….

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to some sunshine after 19 years of New York and Philly winters!

    Everybody’s recruiting process is unique in some way, and mine was no different. Watching my family grow and solidify its bond was by far my favorite part of the experience. The world is bigger than 94 by 50 feet, and we all agreed that Texas offers me an exceptional opportunity to blaze my own trail on the basketball front with the comfort of knowing that no matter what happens, I’ve got an unrivaled support network to lean on for whenever the ball stops bouncing.

    You can’t put a price on that, but you can tie a lasso around it.

    Hook ’em!

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    Well... Seems he put some thought into it at least.
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    wow that is shocking. he will be in austin about as long as KD was. dude is an absolute monster
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    Not a bad choice for your one year of college.

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    And they will still suck
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    Austin ****s will do anything....
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    OU has who to guard him? Does this make Texas a challenger to Kansas next year?

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    **** KD

    And **** Texsa

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    Well that sucks. I wonder how much they paid to get this one.
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    Originally Posted by 61sooner View Post
    OU has who to guard him? Does this make Texas a challenger to Kansas next year?
    Khadeem Lattin.

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    Welp, we have no choice: gotta cancel basketball next season.

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