By Ryan Aber Staff Writer

NORMAN—One of Mike Stoops' favorite words to use when describing the way he'd like to use his defense is “multiple.”

Stoops likes to be flexible with his defense, moving between odd- and even-man fronts and showing different looks on the back end with the nickel and dime packages that are demanded in the wide-open offensive world of the Big 12.

Every year, there's a guy or two that keys that approach thanks to their versatility, allowing the Sooners to do different things out of the same personnel grouping.

This season, things might be a little bit different as Oklahoma moves to more of a 4-3 base defense but sophomore linebacker Caleb Kelly is expected to be the versatile backbone of the defense that can do a little bit of everything.

Kelly was expected to be a big piece of the defense moving forward into his sophomore year and beyond but his performance in January's Sugar Bowl win showed that he was ready to be a difference-maker.

“It helped me kind of be known more,” Kelly said of his 12-tackle performance in the bowl.