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    Not for the animal lovers

      Not Safe For Work
    A 64-year-old Mercedes man was arrested last weekend after a deputy says he saw the man dragging a cow with his truck, according to a criminal complaint.

    On Saturday, a Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched east of Farm-to-Market Road 1015 on Mile 112 in Mercedes in reference to reports of a red pick up truck dragging a cow, according to the criminal complaint.

    Upon arrival, the deputy says he saw a cow being dragged, and noticed the cow had "major lacerations to the right side abdominal area," according to the criminal complaint.

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    I clicked and am relieved it wasn't a doggie.

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    Just trying to tenderize the meat

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    he's in big trouble....
    now if he had just shot a woman instead.....
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    Ground beef
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    We drug a cow way out into the pasture once to leave for the coyotes cause it was dead.

    DNRTFA, but if the cow was alive, I do not approve.

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    Clark Griswold approves.
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    People little guy. Probably kept up with him for about a mile or so.
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