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    Guerin Emig: Much as I hate to predict it: OU out early, Duke and Kentucky staying late

    Guards do tend to excel in March, it’s true. But I keep going back to something coach Paul Mills said at ORU’s Bracketology Breakfast Monday morning: You usually take 22-year-old guards over 19-year-old guards. You usually take seniors over freshmen, particularly in the tournament.

    Rhode Island has a pair of senior guards in Jared Terrell and E.C. Matthews. Seeing as how Young has been rattled over OU’s five-week slump, they’ll do everything but give the kid a wedgie before the jump ball.

    If Young responds like he did the first time against Oklahoma State or the first time against Kansas or anytime in 2017... If comrades Christian James and Khadeem Lattin repair their broken body language... If Brady Manek makes his first 3-points and Rashard Odomes finishes his first drive...

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    The hell you say? An 11 seed out early and a 2 seed sticking around? Next you’ll be telling me water is wet!

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