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    Live, thread!

    Just installed the Pico C in it's place of honor in the kitchen. Anyone investing in some of these plug and play technologies?

    First batch is a doppelbock, but I got a bad feeling I'm going to need to skirt the rules a bit for a solid lagering. Thoughts?

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    Pico C looks really cool for those who need a small batch of something. I'd love to have one as it is usually just me drinking my 5 gallons I brew. I just have too much invested in equipment to downsize like that. Let us know how it turns out!

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    Originally Posted by OUDoc View Post
    3 batches in the past 2 years. I'm not happy about that.
    I'm going to make the time to brew some more. It relaxes me.
    damn I already asked this a long time ago.

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    Should be done fermenting according to the Picobrew instructions on the 19th.

    Herein lies the question.

    The pack (doppelbock) came with a lager yeast, but nowhere in any of the documentation does it mention the lower temps of a bottom fermenting yeast. I get the premise of set it and forget it, but I'm legitimately spooked about the realism of pulling an 8+ ABV with a lager yeast at 68-70 degrees over only two and a half weeks without a proper airlock to monitor fermentation rate.

    All that, and no mention of off flavors. We'll see, I guess.


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    I've never used the Picobrew system but I would worry too. That temperature is too high to lager.
    Any Picobrew forums that you can check?

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    Which do you all prefer to brew with?

    Malt extracts (Syrups)
    Dry Malts cooked to wort?

    If you use Dry Malts, what system or process are you using?

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    Originally Posted by dallasstars10 View Post
    Anyone brewed a sour beer? Looks like it takes a little too much work and time.
    You’ll need dedicated sour equipment. Once you use it for a sour, it doesn’t go back. Seriously, the bacteria is impossible to clean out of everything.
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