'13 DT Deadrin Senat -Offer

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    '13 DT Deadrin Senat -Offer


    6'1 311 tons of offers
    4 Star


    He was committed to Florida State,decommitted and Mike offered. Its a interesting dynamic between brothers

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    Cool name.

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    Very interesting...would be a nice pick up no doubt

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    i like the look on his face. unless he's the white guy then I have no idea.

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    '13 DT Deadrin Senat -Offer

    Originally Posted by Wailer View Post
    i like the look on his face. unless he's the white guy then I have no idea.

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    any news at all on this guy?

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    This guy would be unstoppable with him being lower to the ground with that beast of a body. I want this guy way more than I wanted Manning. Also I think Bain is a lot better then Manning as well. So if we can somehow get these two guys we should be fine and that's a big IF.

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    Is there a realistic chance that OU gets in on this guy?

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    not much of a chance we are not even in his top 5...... This DT would be a good get 311 already and looks solid. We need about 5 of these type of guys

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    I thought we were in his top 5, that sucks. Is there a thread on DT Keith Bryant?

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    commited to USF

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    '13 DT Deadrin Senat -Offer

    In b4 lock

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