'13 OT Sean Dowling - offer

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    Recruitment '13 OT Sean Dowling - offer


    6'6 265 Offers Michigan State,CAL
    Rivals 3 Star

    Film: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/235954/sean-dowling

    "I'd really like to visit Oklahoma and I'd really like to visit Michigan State but I haven't really finalized those decisions at all."
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    lol, You mad bro?
    ....uh, well my first comment now seems stupid with the picture change.....
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    RT @adamgorney UCLA commit Sean Dowling will visit Oklahoma on Oct. 20. Said he remains solid commit to Bruins.

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    ucla is doing well right now.
    course the new coaching staff finally has to play a game.
    all the positive buzz could erode by 10/20.
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    Free Article on Dowling, confirming the Kansas visit http://oklahoma.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1405139 Distance will not be a factor

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    He's coming for sure
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    Would be a nice get.

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    Yeah he was at the game. I saw him in the stands. I was right by him. He was on his phone the whole second half but he seemed to really like the first half.

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    I think if we swing any of the UCLA OT commits, this will be the guy.

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    Fallbrook HS OT Sean Dowling has decommitted from UCLA. He's still considering the Bruins as well as Oklahoma, Cal, SDSU and Vanderbilt

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    Has committed to Vanderbilt.

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    Annabel Stephan ‏@AnnabelStephan Fallbrook (Calif.) OT Sean Dowling has committed to #Vanderbilt. Full story: http://recruiting.scout.com/2/1251494.html

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    Guess it came down to us and Vandy.

    Greg Biggins ‏@GregBiggins As reported by @AnnabelStephan, Fallbrook (Calif) OL Sean Dowling is headed to #Vanderbilt, said final 2 were Vandy/Oklahoma earlier in week

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    OU is losing a lot of players to lesser programs not good!

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    Originally Posted by Houston Sooner View Post
    OU is losing a lot of players to lesser programs not good!
    ... Or we got two OL in one day 3 days ago including a HS commit and he wanted to go elsewhere
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