'13 TE Mitchell Parsons

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    Recruitment '13 TE Mitchell Parsons

    6'5 226 lbs Committed to Colorado: offers from Vandy,Cal,Arizona State
    Rivals rating: 4* #10 TE

    MT @Cassidy_Rob: Hearing OU is seriously considering offering TE and CO commit Mitchell Parsons. If that happens... well, you know

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    If we can't pull him from a Colorado commit....yikes. lol

    Seems like Sandland is the only target at the moment. With Christian Morgan switching to Ole Miss you have to believe that ship has sailed yet again. Personally, the lack of TE usage leads me to believe that OU doesn't need both Sandland and Parsons. They have been better off with 4WR sets in the passing game anyway and the TE's have been used mostly for blocking. Kid looks solid though if we go that route...interesting to see if he gets offered.

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    From what I've seen; if we offer, we'll get him

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    Decommited from Colorado

    Well Im no longer committed to Colorado still going to stay in contact with the coaches but I need to figure some things out #SoMuchOnMyMind

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    Offer him. NOW.

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    I wonder what we're waiting for. We need TEs and he's a good one.

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    Yeah its kinda baffling that OU doesn't have a TE game plan when you struggle to run the ball

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    We need to get this kid regardless of what sandland does. We need both.

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    Why would we not go after this kid? He would be a talented player at a position of need.

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    Bump. Put all of our recruiting energy at TE on this guy. I just hope we haven't screwed it up with him.

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    Catches the ball with his hands, ability to brake tackles. Have we even offered yet?

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    He recently said that OU had him #2 on their board and he didn't seem too upset about it. With Bibbs and Sandland out of the picture, we should be able to get seriously involved. Vandy, Ole Miss, and Cal seem to be the competition here.

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    Are we going to offer a TE in this class?
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    Originally Posted by OU812 View Post
    Are we going to offer a TE in this class?
    If Kittle gets around to it. Don't bother him, he's busy
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    This guy is the prototypical pass catching TE. I hope we take him. I can think of some worse uses of scholy's.

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