Bowl pick'em - question

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    Bowl pick'em - question

    Setting up the office pool (with spreads). So there's 35 bowls, make em choose every game? Or 20-25 out of the bunch?

    I'm thinking every bowl, but I don't want to dissuade people from participating.


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    I think you should give them a choice. If you have all 35 games then everyone is even and no one can ****. If you let them pick 20-25 then they won't get stuck having to pick some games they know nothing about and are more of less throwing darts. Either one works. you want to pick the format that is less of a headache for you. I'd rather pick my games just as you would in a sports book. That ESPN pool they have going here was a **** to mess with games I didn't know about. That's just me.

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