Who are your favorite non-Thunder players?

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    Who are your favorite non-Thunder players?

    Originally Posted by KCRuf/Nek View Post
    But I'd love to have him as my PG.
    I'm perfectly content with Russ.

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    Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Deng, Boozer, Taj Gibson, Nate Robinson, Nazr Muhammed, Marco Belinelli, Kirk Heinrich

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    All time favorite player to watch was MJ. When he retired I don't believe I watched a full game of NBA basketball until the Hornets came to town.

    Present time fav's

    Griffin obvious reasons
    Love just a complete ball player
    Curry pure shooter
    Chandler great defender
    Hardin can't fault the guy for what happen.

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    Who are your favorite non-Thunder players?

    Jeff Green is topping my list right now. This feature on SC is great.

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    Before the Thunder, I was a huge Heat fan. I grew up loving Alonzo Mourning and then Wade showed up. I loved the way Wade played and loved the fact he would often get overlooked by ESPN for LeBron, Carmelo, and Kobe.

    That being said, LeBron has rubbed off on Wade a little too much. They all think WAY too much of themselves.

    Now, I love Blake because he's a Sooner and he made the ****ING CLIPPERS RELEVANT

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    CP3. The only reason anyone here dislikes him is because he's finally got the talent around him to become a legitimate threat to everyone in the playoffs. His impact on, and (even more so) off the court is unmatched. Lebron may be more talented, but I'll take CP3's fire. It's contagious. Blake is playing out of his mind and becoming a more complete two-way player this year. I think Chris Paul's competitiveness and leadership is the biggest reason for that.

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