Phil Steele's Postseason All Big 12 Team

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    Phil Steele's Postseason All Big 12 Team

    Don't get Geno over Landry.

    Crazy that Tress Way wasn't listed.

    Other than that pretty good

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    I'm surprised David King was listed. Wasn't expecting anyone on our DL or LB corp to be picked.

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    I thought Tress Way had a shitty year.
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    Strange that Gage Ikard made 1st team. I guess because of the job he performed as a converted center but I thought that Ikard made a lot of bad snaps this year. The two that stick out the most are the 22 yard loss on the snap over Landry's head that killed a drive that would've given us a lead over ND in the first half when we were marching down field with ease against their defense and the snap that was late to LJ that almost caused us a lost fumble (that was called and INC pass on replay) that I think was supposed to be a direct snap to Finch. The coaches never said what the play was supposed to be or where the blame should've gone but said it wasn't Landry or Finch's fault so I can only assume that it was Ikard's since Landry looked surprised when the ball hit him in the face.

    Surprised that we even had a running back on the list, as few times that we ran the ball but Damien Williams was the 3rd best RB in the Big 12 at #72 with 75.4 ypg over Hubert who was #76 with 74.3 ypg, Klein #78 with 74.2, Seastrunk #82 with 72.8 ypg, Pierson #90 with 69.1 ypg, Buie #94 with 68.1 ypg and Martin #98 with 65.9 ypg. Randle and Sims were the only two Big 12 RBs in the top 20. Sims only played in 9 games and had 218 carries yet our lead RB only had 160 carries in 12 games.

    Nick Florence was #1 in total offense over (#2 Johnny Manziel) #6 Geno Smith, #9 Seth Doege and #10 Landry Jones. Why wasn't Nick a Heisman candidate? Oh yeah, it's a popularity contest. Nick Florence was #3, Geno Smith #4, Landry Jones #5 and Seth Doege #6 in passing yards. Klein was #30 and #71 respectively but somehow was #1 because the hype from beating OU.

    Tress Way was the 17th ranked punter in the country and by far the best punter in the Big 12. I guess most of the Big 12 punters just had their best game against OU. The 2nd best punter was Van Der Kamp at #47.

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    Originally Posted by DarrellS011 View Post
    I thought that Tress Way looked strange on 1st team but he's the 17th ranked punter in the country and by far the best punter in the Big 12. I guess most of the Big 12 punters just had their best game against OU.
    You are probably right. He had some horrible punts this year and I thought he had a pretty disappointing year compared to how he had punted in the past.

    Also really surprised that Stills was the only receiver listed. I thought our receivers were some of the best all season long. Not sure any of them should have been first team but I thought Brown and/or Saunders would break into the 2nd or 3rd team.

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    Hey, hey...OU had a 2nd team TE!

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    Re: Phil Steele's Postseason All Big 12 Team

    Tom Wort????

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