Westboro Church on Russell Brand Show

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    Westboro Church on Russell Brand Show

    I wish he would have asked them about some of the other protests they do, like when kids die or when soldiers die

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    Say what you will, the guy in the t shirt isnt going to look cool when his dad buys him a Corvette/Audi.
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    Russell handled himself really well. The Westboro Baptist Church members made themselves look awful (as expected they would) but Russell was respectful and impressed me with his tolerance and vocabulary on this issue...I would have went on a full frontal offensive attack on them and the interview would have been over in ~2 minutes
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    I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Holy shit, that show's still on TV?"

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    Re: Westboro Church on Russell Brand Show

    Where did this show come from? Brand did a good job with it. Those guys made me think of skinheads on a Springer episode. Lunatics, the lot of them. The one cracked on Brand's accent as if it was some sort of perversion. Wtf?

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