Holiday Bowl:Misguided non-Apostolic Baptists vs Univ of Caucasians Lost among Asians

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    Originally Posted by SoonerDick View Post
    UCLA had lots of injuries to key players and didn't come to play in this game. Lousy game and I went to sleep during it. Don't think Baylor will be all that good next year, by who knows they may have another Johnny Foosball waiting in the wings. lol
    They lost Baca the OG, one safety of six or so they have voluntarily played this year, and who?

    Unless it's a DL who could stop the run I don't think it matters.

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    Originally Posted by soonerguru View Post
    Wow. The people featured in the Baylor TV spot seem like creepy cult members.
    The unison part of that ad reminds me of...

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    Originally Posted by S11-Baylor View Post
    The unison part of that ad reminds me of...

    It's Aggyish in its collective creepiness.

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    Originally Posted by S11-Baylor View Post
    UCLA is #118 in sacks allowed coming in. Will be #119 now.

    So BU is getting better but is stymied by good pass pro. Against TCU (2 sacks), KSU (2 sacks), and UCLA (6 sacks) our DL did ok. Big 12 offenses protect much better and our DB's are hung out to dry. Only poor sack % team we didn't get past was SMU where we often rushed 3 and let gilbert self destruct.
    Always a good plan.

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    Ah so, mutha fucka.

    Originally Posted by oorah_okie View Post
    Toss that surf aggy out.
    I wish we had a rule that the term ____ Aggy requires the school to have some sort of connection to agriculture or mechanical studies.

    I mean what's next? Columbia---- Finance Aggy.
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    Originally Posted by soonerguru View Post
    How did Baylor lose so many games? They look insanely good.
    I picked this game when it was set. The PAC 10 has two decent teams at the top: Stanford and Oregon. Then there is pretty big drop off. Remember when USC was picked to be #1? Really?

    The SEC is much like the PAC 10 but just a little deeper at the top. Bama, Georgia, Then a little drop off to Florida, LSU. Then after that not sure any of the SEC teams would be a shoe in to beat any of the bottom 6 teams in the Big 12. In the Pac 12 and the SEC you don't have to come play every week, add in there usual week OOC schedules and they get to take vacations during the season. i do give Bama and LSU credit for taking on Michigan and Washington and winning those games. Ole Miss played what everyone considers a very poor Texas team at home and had the a$$e$ handed to them from the start.

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    Originally Posted by Jbaker View Post
    Our game with Baylor was not that close. Florence was 12 of 33 for 172 yards and no TDs.
    80 of their 420 yards came on their final drive, where we were just taking yards for seconds.
    It came down to us having to catch a Baylor onside kick, did it not? So many people here were insanely butthurt about only beating Baylor by 8 that day. No one wanted to simply believe that this is not the Baylor of old.

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