Wescott Eberts - 2013-01-01T00:38:40Z

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. -- Rivals analyst Mike Farrell told committed recruits with visits set up to other schools that they couldn't say they were 100% committed, so 2013 Houston (TX) Alief Taylor defensive end Torrodney Prevot said on Sunday that he's "99%" in his commitment to the Trojans.

No word on whether the lack of that extra .9% could be a serious problem for USC.

As for his experience so far in San Antonio getting ready for the US Army All-American game on Saturday, the consensus four-star prospect told SB Nation Recruiting that it's an honor representing the Army.

"It's really an honor," he said. "I know they've been fighting for us, so it's good to get out there and fight for them and just show them that we really appreciate them."

As for practice, the West got underway with their preparation on Monday and Prevot came away pleased with the results of the day.

"It was pretty good. A lot of flying around from all the players and a lot of excitement going on, just try to get that win over the East."

But what fans want to know, especially USC fans, is the status of his visit schedule. Right now, there is only one planned.

"I'm taking a visit to Notre Dame on January 25th, but I haven't set anything else up yet."

The appeal of the Fighting Irish is pretty simple for the 6-4, 207-pound defensive end.

"I mean, they're in the BCS national championship game," said Prevot. "I just want to go out there and see what they're about, make sure that I'm making the right decision by going out to SC."

A school that had been on the radar for Prevot was Oklahoma. However, it does not appear that there is room left for him after his Taylor teammate, Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, recently flipped to the Sooners after being committed to the rival Cowboys for months.

"Since Obo committed, I haven't heard anything from Oklahoma. They shut everything down since Obo committed and I was like, 'That's fine, it's their loss.'"

Another big program in the region is still staying in touch with Prevot and trying to get him to set up a visit, despite having a class that is already bursting at the seams.

"Yeah, I've been in contact with Texas A&M. They were really wanting me to come down some time in January, but we haven't set anything official up yet."

Prevot has been looking around a bit in recent months and considering other visits, having visited Oregon back in October and Texas A&M back in September, so it stands to reason that the departure of defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin from his son's program could have an impact on Prevot's recruitment.

The potential 3-4 outside linebacker said it has not.

"No, not one bit -- Monte Kiffin is a great guy and an excellent coach. We were having a few problems on defense, but everything is good. We'll find a defensive coordinator that will get the job done, so that's pretty good."

Since Prevot is still under 210 pounds (he said that he wants to get to 215 or 220 by the time he enrolls), there has been a great deal of speculation about his future collegiate position. He said that he doesn't have to play a traditional linebacker role to be happy.

"The coaches that they were going to be doing all kinds of things with me, so that was one of the reasons why I went there. I can be a versatile player -- a hybrid defensive end who can cover some. They just want me to be everywhere, all around the field.

"I'm very open to anything, I just want to play. As long as I'm playing, I don't care if I have to long-snap, everything will be fine."

Yeah, don't look for Prevot to actually do any deep-snapping if he ends up signing with the Trojans -- he's pretty good at the whole edge-rushing thing.

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