Walking Dead arcade game

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    Walking Dead arcade game

    Great game. Downloaded the first episode for free on xbox during their holiday promotion, then bought the other episodes that were half off. finished episode 3 and gotta say this a nice (and welcome) change of pace to call of duty. the story and characters pull you in with a good mix of dialog and action. there are a few minor glitches like disappearing characters in a scene, timing of action, aiming, but nothing that you can learn or redo.

    strongly recommend playing this (but not on your iphone from what I read other reviews).

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    I've been eyeing this too. Is there gunplay and zombie killing? Or is it just decision making? Reviews have been really good.

    Edit: I should read closer. You mentioned action and aiming, so I guess there is gun play and killing

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    no that much gun play. It is mostly decision making and qicktime events. Great story though. I just got through episode 2.

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    Bought the Season Pass today for $19.99. Made it through episode one in a couple hours. Pretty fun but I'm glad its cheap.

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