And liberty died just a little bit more today

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    And liberty died just a little bit more today (NDAA)

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    i found the following 2 statements funny and sad at the same time....

    Obama decided that the need to pass the NDAA, which also sets the armed forces' $633 billion budget for the 2013 fiscal year, was simply "too great to ignore," according to a presidential signing statement released in the early morning hours Thursday.
    Members of the human rights coalition that had urged Obama to follow through on his veto threat blasted his decision as a cave to congressional Republicans.

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    Originally Posted by OUMallen View Post
    Bush said before he left office that there just weren't a lot of choices available in today's climate. It appears that O agrees. Not good.

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    Originally Posted by OUMallen View Post
    Awesome. But hey we have nothing to hide and it's keeping us "safe". Good thing we're the ones who determine whether we have anything to hide and not the government because then things could get ugly for our liberty with something like the NDAA, the Patriot Act, our government storing everything about us in multibillion dollar server farms, etc.

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