'13 OT Maurice Porter - Offer

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    Recruitment '13 OT Maurice Porter - Offer


    6'5 285 Current Tech commit : Offers A&M,WVU,Oregon
    Rivals 3 Star


    RT @VYPEHouston: #TexasTech OL Commit Maurice Porter from Marshall visiting #oregon #ou and #wvu in next weeks #txhsfb

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    '13 OT Maurice Porter - Offer

    Great news

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    Texas offer coming in 5..4...3...2...
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    Nice film. Really good to see we're starting to work the Houston area. where were the offers for all of these guys early?

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    I'm guessing that they were waiting on his senior year stuff since his junior year he was mostly at OG instead of OT.On OL guys, I can understand waiting on some to see where they progress. I think that's the biggest reason why Rivals/ESPN blow the evals on OL guys is not waiting
    on their senior year film. And not giving much weight to their senior year film. Why it took until January instead of December to make some of these offers? That's a good question.
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    Is he visiting and is he going to qualify?

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    Gettin it done....

    Hoping we can land him.

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    What's the latest on this guy.

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    There was some question about validity of the offer to begin with. Kid is likely not to qualify

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