Mobile wireless internet Q???

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    Mobile wireless internet Q???

    What is the best option for the FASTEST wireless internet connection for working out in the field with a laptop? I have AT&T now for my phone.

    Getting a dedicated Data plan for the laptop?

    Using my iPhone 5 as a Hot Spot?

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    I have extremely good luck using my 4S as a mobile hotspot. AT&T 4g. I run a bunch of programs and large files with no issues. as long as I have phone coverage I have it...had horrible luck with straight to laptop aircards.

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    probably depends on who has LTE coverage where youre going to be working (supposedly Verizon has more LTE coverage than anyone, but it really just depends on where youre going to be going).

    Im not sure how much AT&T charges for tethering your iPhone 5 but that should be plenty fast, provided that there is LTE coverage where youre trying to work. I dont think getting a dedicated data plan/mobile hot spot would be any faster. And its another device to charge and keep track of. On the other hand, you will run down your iPhone 5 battery quickly if you do the tethering option.

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    Mobile wireless internet Q???

    Since LTE started rolling out we've had much better luck doing smartphone hotspots instead of air cards.

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    only drawback of using the mobile hotspot option is what somebody said before about the battery on the phone. you pretty much have to be plugged into the wall. plus, with idevices not having replaceable batteries, I'd worry about killing a battery and being up shit creek after it died.

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    Verizon 4G MiFi

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