Superbowl Sunday ideas

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    Superbowl Sunday ideas

    Two weeks out. Looking for interesting ideas

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    Superbowl Sunday ideas

    I'm making quad meat footballs with BBQ sauce.

    Step 1: Take a smoked sausage or brat or hot dog. Cook on the grill.
    Step 2: Wrap in bacon. Cook on grill till bacon is almost done.
    Step 3: Wrap in ham or prosciutto and a slice of cheese.
    Step 4: Mix ground meat (beef, sausage, pork or some combination) with an egg and bread crumbs. Use mixture to encase your sausage and shape into a football. Make sure it is sealed.
    Step 5: Grill, smoke or bake until ground meat is fully cooked.

    Serve whole or cut it into slices. Serve with bread, BBQ sauce, peppers and onions.

    If you want to go next level, put roasted jalapeños, chipotle peppers or green chilies in the cheese layer. You can also make a bacon lattice and wrap around the final product.
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    Superbowl Sunday ideas

    DIBs meat, something something something. Inside jokes are killing the board

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    Captain Karl's Bold Ball
    -Captain Karl's Bold Ball starts with 2 packs of real Philly cream cheese. Don't get "lite" or cheap brand crap. It's the Super Bowl, you guys.
    -Then I add in 2 sacks of shredded pepper jack. It has the hot taste I crave in my mouth when I'm snackin'.
    -Next is a crap load of Frank's. I don't measure, just dump it in and eyeball it for taste. Don't be weak about it though. Just use, "lots."
    -I like to add in a bunch of chopped pickled 'Peños. Pickled 'Peños turn any dish into a crowd pleaser.
    -Now, cook up some bacon in a pan. Like a pack of it. Chop that crap up and mix it in for bold flavor pleasures.
    -Now, put in a few dumps of blue cheese dressin'. Man, it really cools down the heat and lets you keep shovelin' in the ball ASAP.
    -Also, throw some chopped up chives in there. Green color makes it look money and lets the babes know you're gourmet and sensual.
    -Mix all that crap up and make a ball. Then roll it in some chopped nuts. Maybes 'Stachios? Somethin' nice and primo shows class, you guys.
    -Serve Captain Karl's Bold Ball with some a them half pretzel half crakker deals or whatever. Just make sure the babes see you bring it out.
    -When babes see you serve Captain Karl's Big Bold Ball, man, the passions are guaranteed to be mega carnal & more.
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    Frank's? I've got a feeling some are going to try to make this and throw a bunch of hot dogs in it.

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    Queso and Chips with like little smokies is pretty good.

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    Your mom's house

    Quiet the chef's over here..

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    I am actualy craving taters skins and I have some wings already in the freezer. Not sure if I'll get to do that tho. Not sure where I'll be.

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    balls deep

    Originally Posted by usaosooner View Post
    don't be a .

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