Question for people who know about CPUs and GPUs

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    Question for people who know about CPUs and GPUs

    My favorite computer game is company of heroes and company of heroes 2 comes out in a little over a month and I also like the new xcom game. Basically I play strategy games and don't play shooters on my pc. I don't think my 5 year old dell will handle the new strategy games.

    What do you suggest for a cpu? AMD, Intel?

    What about GPU Nvidia or AMD?

    I am looking to spend about 700 or so on a new box and if the box is a good deal and doesn't have the best GPU that is easily upgradable. suggestions? I m confued by the new Ivy Bridge and how much better it is than sandy bridge versus the new AMD cpus and who makes the best GPU for around $150?

    I want a bang for the buck system.


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    Question for people who know about CPUs and GPUs

    Originally Posted by Chuvan View Post
    Ivy over Sandy is marginally incremental. Smaller package with similar performance characteristics.

    Intel over AMD still unless you need high threading or want to overclock quite a bit (you probably don't).

    Affordable GPU - HD7850 1GB for $170ish.

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