Franklin BBQ - Austin, TX

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    Franklin BBQ - Austin, TX

    Has anyone ever been there? I hear its amazing. I'm going to Austin in a couple of weeks and I understand there is a long line. What time should I get there?

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    It is worth the wait, it's everything they say it is.

    I've only been there at lunch when the line was long, cant help you on a better time. Doesn't matter, do it!

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    I've heard weekday and start waiting at 9 am for lunch. They open at 11 and serve lunch only (close when sold out.) they are not open on Monday. If you have other stuff to do in the area (buying some hand rolled cigars, or whatnot) just cruise by and check the line if you don't feel like standing that long.

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    Been there four times
    It's worth the wait

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    Austin, TX

    i live 6 or 7 miles from there. still havent been. i want to, but standing in line for 2-3 hours on a Saturday morning just doesnt really seem worth it. brisket is not one of my favorite BBQ items anyways.

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    Aaron Franklins brisket isn't like anything else you've had before , there's a reason people will wait 3 hours over and over again in the heat, cold, etc
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    Only been there once but it is great. You should probably go late morning around 11ish for an early lunch otherwise there will be a long line.

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    Get there at 3:11 AM.

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    Franklin BBQ - Austin, TX

    Two hours before they open.
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