Mack Brown can't even get support from child cancer survivors

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    Fuck Texas Mack Brown can't even get support from child cancer survivors

    He’s the self-proclaimed biggest Texas Longhorn fan in the world who would like to see a miracle turnaround for the struggling football team. But Nolan Conaway, 14, from Cypress, whose bedroom is painted white and burnt orange, will gladly live with the “accidental miracle” he’s been given so far.
    And as a Longhorn fan celebrating a now cancer-free life, we asked if he had any advice for his team.

    “Yes sir,” the always polite young man responded. But he also laughed, “Fire Mack Brown!”
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    Nolan Conaway is not a friend of the program.
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    He had a third of his brain removed and has been swimming in toxic chemicals for a year. This should explain why he made such a moronic comment. Someone should fly down to Houston and knock some sense into him.

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    At least the kid's mind is still working. Good for prayers are with him.

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    Ah so, mutha fucka.

    Originally Posted by Vodnik View Post
    Nolan Conaway is not a friend of the program.
    And I guess we now know why Bob Stoops spends so much time at Children's Hospital.

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    I know I'll be lying when I say, I hope he lives to see Texas next NC. Than again, I hope he dies the ripe old age of 114.

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